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Martin Kiely, NGH Board Certified Hypnotist & Instructor

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“Hi Martin, I found your Self-hypnosis Audio CD to be extremely relaxing and very helpful. I didn't know what to expect in the beginning but now I look forward to listening to it every day. I find it so relaxing it even put's me to sleep. Its brilliant and I would recommend it to anyone especially someone suffering from anxiety and stress.- Laura.”

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hypnosis hypnotherapy hypnotist cork kerry ireland

“Hello Martin,
I would just like to let you know how I am doing since my session. I have been doing my self hypnosis routine twice a day and I think it is really helping. I feel calm and relaxed after I do it and whenever I feel that I’m getting anxious and negative, I’m telling myself 'No, No, No'. Its hard to explain but I think I definitely feel more positive and don’t think that I’m worrying as much as I used to. It's almost like I can't.
I haven’t done any presentations yet or public speaking but my shopping trips are a breeze! So I just thought I would fill you in on how I’m doing and say thank you for taking the time to try and help me. It is greatly appreciated and I sincerely mean that.
I have just downloaded the free audio CD on your web page and I’m looking forward to listening to that.
 I will let you know how I feel after the next module of the course! Thanks again Martin.”
- A Fox.

hypnosis hypnotherapy hypnotists hypnotherapist cork ireland

“Hi Martin,

I was in with you on 30th April for a session on flying and I have just come back from my holidays to Istanbul.

Just wanted to let you know that there was a real improvement in how I felt and the techniques you thought me made a big difference before and during the flight.
I was really delighted with myself and the whole flying experience.

I even managed to break some of the irrational routines I previously could not deviate from.

So thanks again and I will definitely be recommending anyone in the Cork area with some similar issues to get in contact with you.
All the best,


Martin Kiely Hypnosis Centre Cork Ireland, Member of Holistic Services Insurances

 Hypnosis Cork Hypnotherapy - Hypnotist Martin Kiely is a full-time consulting hypnotherapist practicing in Ireland. Martin provides National Guild of Hypnotists approved professional hypnotism certification training and hypnosis hypnotherapy services for stop smoking, weight control management, stress, confidence, sports motivation and much more.

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“We have successfully used hypnosis to help thousands of people in Ireland since 1989. Let us help you!”


Mission Statement

hypnosis hypnotherapy for change cork kerry irelandMartin Kiely Hypnosis Centre Cork, Ireland provides hypnotism hypnotherapy services and instruction in self-hypnosis for clients, motivating them to improve specific aspects of their lives, as well as extended support of a non-medical nature.

Consultant Hypnotist Hypnotherapist Martin Kiely works with clients regarding a medical or mental disease only on written referral or acknowledgment from a licensed medical or mental health professional. Hypnotism may be used either as an adjunct treatment under these professional’s direction or in recommended supporting roles, such as stress or fear reduction and pain management for pre and post-surgery, terminal care, or rehabilitation. Martin Kiely Hypnosis Centre helps to educate the general public and demystify hypnotism.

How Hypnosis Can Help Change Your Life!

You can simply and easily make positive changes in your life with hypnosis. Hypnosis has proven to be the natural, safe and highly effective way to personal success and freedom. Martin Kiely Hypnosis Centre provides professional, courteous and quality service for all ages. As you have logged on to this site, it demonstrates that you have an interest in hypnosis. To find out more about the services provided, just click on the various links. Hypnotist Martin Kiely provides hypnosis services for: hypnosis for stop smoking, hypnosis for weight control and management, hypnosis for confidence, hypnosis for stress, hypnosis for relaxing, hypnosis for relaxation, hypnosis for fear, hypnosis for motivation, hypnosis for sports, hypnosis for sales, hypnosis for communication skills, hypnosis for childbirth preparation, hypnosis for visiting dentists, hypnosis for study skills, hypnosis for sleep, hypnosis for performance, hypnosis for creativity, hypnosis for visualisation and more. These services are performed in a professional and confidential manner for the benefit of the client.

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Martin Kiely Hypnosis Centre, St. Luke’s Cross, Cork City, Ireland. Email: Tel: +353 21 4870870 Skype Me!