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Martin Kiely Hypnosis Centre Contact Tel: 021-4870870
Martin Kiely Hypnosis Centre Contact Tel: 021-4870870

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    Martin Kiely is a full-time consulting hypnotist practicing in Cork, Ireland, since 1989. He maintains a highly successful hypnosis practice and professional hypnotism training centre. Martin is the first National Guild of Hypnotists Board Certified Hypnotist and Certified Instructor in Ireland. For hypnotism services in Cork, and Ireland, sometimes it’s better to talk to a real expert and trusted authority in the hypnotism profession.

    MKHC Postal Address:

    Martin Kiely Hypnosis Centre
    1 Windsor Place, Ballyhooly Road,
    St. Luke’s Cross, Cork, T23PX6N, Ireland


    Martin Kiely Hypnosis Centre Contact Tel: 021-4870870Tel: 021 4870870


    Martin Kiely Hypnosis Centre Contact Email
    Email: [email protected]

    Contact Martin Kiely Hypnosis if YOU desire:

    • Stop Smoking Hypnosis
    • Weight Management Hypnosis
    • Hypnosis for Fears or Apprehensions
    • Build Confidence Hypnosis
    • Enhance Personal Skills
    • Hypnosis for Positive Mental Attitude
    • Hypnosis and Setting Goals
    • Hypnosis to develop Optimism
    • Hypnosis for Sales Motivation
    • Sports Hypnosis
    • Hypnosis to Manage Situational Stress

    • Hypnosis for Pain Management
    • Hypnosis in Dentistry
    • Hypnosis Mental Preparation Exams
    • Hypnosis Learning Skills Enhancement
    • Hypnosis Memory / Concentration
    • Hypnosis to overcome exam apprehensions
    • Personal Organization & Management
    • Hypnosis to Facilitate Wellness
    • Hypnosis Regression
    • Sleep Improvement Hypnosis
    • Hypnosis to overcome Wedding Nerves

    Martin Kiely Hypnosis Mission Statement

    Martin Kiely Hypnosis Centre Cork, Ireland provides hypnotism hypnotherapy services and instruction in self-hypnosis for clients, motivating them to improve specific aspects of their lives, as well as extended support of a non-medical nature.

    Martin Kiely Hypnosis Hypnotherapy, Cork, Ireland Contact Tel: 021-4870870
    Martin Kiely Hypnosis Hypnotherapy, Cork, Ireland Contact Tel: 021-4870870

    Consulting Hypnotist Hypnotherapist Martin Kiely works with clients regarding a medical or mental disease only on written referral or acknowledgment from a licensed medical or mental health professional. Hypnotism may be used either as an adjunct treatment under these professional’s direction or in recommended supporting roles, such as stress or fear reduction and pain management for pre and post-surgery, terminal care, or rehabilitation.

    Martin Kiely Hypnosis Centre helps to educate the general public and demystify hypnotism.