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Weight Control Hypnosis

Weight Control Hypnosis Cork Ireland with Martin Kiely Hypnosis Centre

You can control your weight naturally with weight control hypnosis.

No Diets – No Changing Foods – No Will Power

Through the effects of hypnosis, a much lesser amount of food will be desired and consumed. The advantage is that since no desirable food is denied, nothing is given up; there is no need or desire to return to foods that have been forbidden. The client simply continues to eat what has been enjoyed all along, except that quantities are vastly reduced. Through hypnosis the appetite is fully satisfied with modest portions of food.

Weight Control Hypnosis Hypnotherapy Cork Ireland
Weight Control Hypnosis Hypnotherapy Cork Ireland

Using weight control hypnosis you don’t have to give up what you enjoy. Hypnosis can be very effective with people whose excess weight is from overeating, especially where the habit involves taking of multiple helpings at meals. There are those whose excess weight is due to physiological causes. Such cases may require medical intervention.

However, where undesirable weight is due to overeating, metabolism is likely much less involved than the mind. Changing thoughts and attitudes of the mind can lead to major changes in life. It can be very helpful, therefore, to determine what may be the causes of a tendency to overeat.

Sometimes thin information is evident or well-known. Other times it may be suppressed, buried in some incident or event of the past for which overeating provides a sense of compensation or relief from pressures or anxieties, lacks in life, grief, anger or other emotions, sometimes dating back to childhood. Hypnotic regression is often effective in finding out causes, and sometimes even the simple understanding of causes can result in elimination of the problem.

Why People Overeat

Weight Control Hypnosis Hypnotherapy Cork Ireland
Weight Control Hypnosis Hypnotherapy Cork Ireland

Overeating usually fills a need – or at least is viewed as doing so. The possible needs, real or imaginary, are many. Some people overeat to compensate for an unpleasant experience. Others eat excessively to reward themselves, or possibly for self-entertainment. Some want to be noticed, and may use a large body to offset a small ego. Eating is used to compensate for the lack of love, to offset fear, to overcome frustration, to deal with boredom, or sometimes to avoid sex.

Helpful to the hypnotist hypnotherapist are lists answering such questions as WHEN overeating usually takes place – what emotional activity is associated with excess eating, and at what usual time of day or night. WHERE the overeating is done is important – home, at parties, in restaurants, while watching television, etc. Why – for what purpose or to satisfy what need is also a factor in understanding the problem.

The consideration of the above mentioned matters leads to the establishment of three goals:

  • To achieve the desired weight
  • To maintain the desired weight once it is achieved
  • To adopt permanently the new habits patterns that make the first two goals possible

Weight Control Hypnosis – Programming for success

A weight control hypnosis or hypnotherapy programme will involve several specific elements which are essential to the achievement of established objectives:

  • The client’s self-esteem and confidence will be evaluated and fortified as necessary to achieve a positive outlook and the ability to visualise mentally the perfect, desired body structure, at the appropriate weight and with the physical modifications important to the client.
  • The client’s attitude toward food, overeating and related satisfaction will be altered to reduce the conceived importance of food as it relates to feelings of well-being.
  • The client’s food interests and tastes will be modified to increase the desire for healthy foods with appropriate nutrition, and reduce the desire for foods high in fats and other harmful elements. Emphasis will be place on such matters as quantity consumption.
  • Finally, re-education will deal with such behavioural matters as establishing times, places and patterns for future eating, elimination of harmful habits, and positive reinforcement for relief of stress or anxiety factors or other casual elements which may require hypnotic desensitization.

It must be kept in mind that very slow reduction in weight is the safest procedure. Weight will and should come off very slowly – perhaps two pounds per week on average. Much reinforcement of the programming can be accomplished by self hypnosis audio recordings specifically created to save you time and money.

Our Weight Control Hypnosis Programme

Weight Control Hypnosis Hypnotherapy Cork Ireland with consulting hypnotist Martin Kiely Tel: 021-4870870
Weight Control Hypnosis Hypnotherapy Cork Ireland with consulting hypnotist Martin Kiely Tel: 021-4870870

Weight control hypnosis with consulting hypnotist Martin Kiely can help you eliminate cravings and self-sabotage. These techniques garnered from the latest weight management research, will help you reach and maintain your optimal weight. Each session will change and reinforce how you interact with food, giving you total control over how and what you eat.

Weight control hypnosis sessions will also motivate you to exercise more. The combination of eating right and exercising is the only winning combination for weight control success. You are only going to stick to it if you enjoy it.

This weight control hypnosis programme is designed to help you follow the proper eating and exercise plan. It’s perfect if you:

  • Need to lose lots of weight
  • Need to lose those last ten pounds (4.5 kilograms)
  • Need motivation to stick to your exercise programme
  • Need help maintaining your particular weight control programme
  • Need motivation to maintain your weight control

One options consists of four individual sessions held over a period of six to eight weeks. All sessions are an hour and a half long, except for the first session which can be up to two hours. Our programme utilizes hypnosis and behaviour modification to address the emotions that lead to inappropriate eating. Also, we explore the erroneous beliefs and behaviours that reinforce negative/unwanted eating patterns that make weight control seemingly impossible.

Weight Control Hypnosis Purpose

Weight Control Hypnosis Cork IrelandTo gain clear perspective on how this programme will provide immediate and long-range benefits we provide background information on how you can use the techniques of human development. You can learn to enter at will resourceful states of body and mind.

We always create our response to life events. Whenever a stimulus comes to us, we can choose how to respond. Sometimes we may not feel as if we have control, especially when we remember an event that always causes us to feel bad or guilty or ashamed. When you think of such an event, the emotion comes up fast. But, it is not the event that causes anything. Even our spontaneous unconscious emotional reactions are based on our habit of responding. Our brain draws from our personal history to determine how we respond to a new event. Our future performance will also be influenced by the stored patterns in our history.

Thankfully we are not doomed to living only by how we react spontaneously; and our past does not necessarily have to dictate our future. Cognitive science has shown that our neural history is not fixed for life. It is malleable, flexible.

“Not only can you choose new conscious responses but also new automatic whole mind responses that influence you positively.”

Is Weight Control Hypnosis All I Need?

Hypnosis is a resource that can work with any weight management programme or on its own. If you are only a few pounds overweight, then consulting with a hypnotist or hypnotherapist may be all you need. There are many health issues impacted by gaining and losing weight.

Not all weight gain is a result of overeating.

There are medical conditions and prescription drugs which may cause weight gain. If you have been diagnosed as obese Martin Kiely Hypnosis Centre will obtain a written referral or acknowledgment from your doctor. Martin Kiely has an active referral programme in the medical community.

The image that one has of oneself as a person will greatly influence one’s behaviour in the world. When, as a result, this perception is disturbed, many distressing and serious neurotic disorders may occur. Eating problems are not unusual amongst these disorders. Many of the various approaches that are offered to address weight control are often met with resistance. Not conscious, but inner mental blocks or resistance to change. Hypnosis has a vital role in helping you move beyond the subconscious block toward success.

From earliest childhood the offering of food and sweets has been a great comfort –

“Sit down and have your dinner and you will feel better!

Have a lollipop, it will make the pain go away!”

Can you imagine yourself reaching and maintaining your ideal weight?

People who often complain of compulsive eating request weight control hypnosis to stop them from unwanted eating. When dealing with these clients it must be emphasized that hypnosis does not stop anyone from doing anything. However, if that person is really motivated then the question to ask these so-called ‘compulsive’ eaters – who is compelling whom?

Clients very often struggle to find an answer to this question, since apart from greed, any compulsion to eat is involuntary. Weight control hypnosis is highly effective in exploring this subconscious area of mind. Hypnosis hypnotherapy can supply the answer and the answer may not be one which is acceptable to the client. Women know that by overeating they are making themselves overweight. They know that overweight ladies have certain difficulties, difficulties with clothes, difficulties with sunbathing, difficulties in being attractive to the opposite sex.

Why then are women making themselves unattractive and unwanted?
Is there a sexual origin to the problem?

Also, males know that making themselves fat, they too will encounter certain difficulties. Intervening with hypnosis has proven to be highly effective in resolving inner mental conflict. Utilizing weight control hypnosis to address the mental block/barrier that prevent you from achieving, and more importantly maintaining your ideal weight, can be highly successful.

When you see how easy it is to eat right and exercise regularly, you’ll regret not having tried weight control hypnosis sooner.

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Weight Control Hypnosis Cork Ireland with Martin Kiely Hypnosis Centre.