10 Ways Empathy Builds Success #01

What do You Really Need?

When you think about the traits of success, what thoughts cross your mind?

Perhaps you might focus on things such as leadership and strength. But what about empathy?

The trait of empathy is often underestimated. We don’t always see how being able to understand other people’s situations as an asset. But consider this: when you have empathy, you instinctively understand the needs of others.

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Children are undergoing hypnosis to cope with stress

Hypnosis to Cope with Exams and Test Stress

Children are undergoing hypnosis to cope with the stress of NAPLAN tests.

Courier Mail News

DESPERATE parents are taking children to hypnotists to wipe out NAPLAN stress.

“Children are making themselves physically ill with worry over these tests and I have found I can make a big difference in bringing peace to their young lives,” said the Gold Coast’s Wayne Donnelly, who calls himself a hypnotist rather than a hypnotherapist.

Would you hypnotise your kids? Tell us here

Using techniques once reserved for stage shows, Mr Donnelly works with children using neuro linguistic programming (NLP).

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