Do You Worry Too Much About What Others Think?

We all worry. Some people worry too much about what others think. They spend their time with people they don’t like or avoid people because they fear any repercussions. They struggle to make decisions, even simple ones. Instead, they change their position as a response to any criticism. They hesitate to share what’s on their minds or believe others are upset with them when that isn’t true. Does any of that sound familiar to you? Then you may worry too much about what others think.

How to Stop Worrying about Others’ Opinions

Focusing on what others think can prevent you from enjoying personal and professional success. If you fall into this pit of despair, here is what you can do to turn things around:  😟 

1. Accept that people will have an opinion about you: We all make judgments. Some are correct; others are not. When you accept that people will draw conclusions, even if they are incorrect, you are in a better position to let their critiques roll off.

2. Remember that people care less about you than you think. It seems a harsh statement, but it is accurate. Most people are more concerned about their own feelings and situation than how you stumbled over your sentences during a business presentation. More than likely, they have fewer opinions of you than you realize.

3. Understand that hurt people will hurt people. Life’s circumstances affect us all and how we respond to people. Even if you try your best to be kind and considerate of others, someone will judge you. Their judgment comes from their beliefs and reflects where they are coming from. When you realize this, you gain the opportunity to become more compassionate with others.

4. Own up to mistakes but don’t live in the shame. Shame has a way of making us ignore our errors. Who wants to admit that they screwed up? However, it’s better to get the embarrassment over with than to wallow in it. Admit your mistake and get on with life.

5. Find your heroes and refer back to them. Find those people you admire who have faced and overcame similar fears, and focus on them. Learn more about how they faced down the odds and overcame the obstacles in their lives. Their inspiration can help you through your tough times.

6. Surround yourself with those that love and support you. Look around you. Who are those who see your strengths (and weaknesses) and love you just the same? Build your relationships, and if something seems a little off, don’t be afraid to ask them about it. It will help strengthen your relationship.


Refuse to let the worry of others’ opinions stop you from the success you deserve.  

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