3 Emotions You Should Let Go

Emotions are part of our everyday life. None of us will go through a day without experiencing some kind of emotion, be it fear, anger, happiness, or joy. Some people hang on to negative emotions instead of feeling them and letting them go.

If you tend to hold onto your negative emotions, you may find that your life is affected, including your relationships. It can hinder the pursuit of goals. If left alone long enough, you may look back on your life with regret at the wasted years.

Release these 3 Emotions for Greater Personal Growth

There is a time for experiencing all of your emotions. You don’t want to get stuck in the quagmire of these three negative emotions, however:

1. Regret: Who hasn’t second-guessed their decisions? Maybe you are going through some financial stress, and you wish you didn’t buy that expensive new truck. You might which you would have chosen a different career or spouse. You will regret some of your choices; however, you don’t want to get stuck looking back so much that you stop living in the present and planning for your future. It’s okay to look back and feel the emotion, but don’t stop there. Learn the lesson, and move on with your life.

2. Anger: Getting mad happens. You may have an off day and yell at your kids or partner for a simple mistake. Other times, you might have a good reason to be mad, but you refuse to work through it. Instead, you want to hang on and carry a grudge. Anger affects your health. It also pushes your loved ones away. Don’t let anger control your life and reduce your chances of future happiness. Learn healthy mechanisms to control your outbursts. Extend forgiveness, even if the other person doesn’t ask for it. You are releasing the pain that has been defining you. That is a huge step in personal growth.

3. Disappointment: This close cousin to regret, disappointment is directed at other people when they don’t live up to your expectations. For example, your co-worker failed to do their part for the upcoming presentation. You may be a little mad, but you are disappointed because you have always known them to be reliable. Living in a constant state of disappointment will affect your relationships. You may come across as cynical and push people away from you. Understand that people will disappoint you, but you don’t have to turn your disappointment into distrust. It’s critical to offer some grace and move on.

You will always have to handle your emotions. But when they threaten to overwhelm your happiness, it is time to let them go.

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