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One of the more frequent challenges faced by all athletes is how to improve performance. Perhaps you express frustrations that you often possess identical – if not superior – physical attributes to your competitors, yet you are consistently being outperformed by that competitor.

In many cases, the problem is rooted in self-doubt, which limits your levels of performance.

Using Sports Hypnosis you will learn how to identify and reframe self-doubt and limiting beliefs. Once this is achieved, you can stop dwelling on past failures or other negative, unwanted feelings and limitations.

Through uniquely tailored hypnosis techniques you can face upcoming challenges with greater confidence, concentration, focus and a powerful belief in your ability express yourself fully in the sport that you have a passion for.

Whether you feel held back by physical fear or by negative comments from competitors, trainers or officials/judges or by performance anxiety. Sports Hypnosis with Martin Kiely Hypnosis Centre, Cork, Ireland can help you replace a “Negative” mindset with the winning edge for successful performances.

Sports Hypnosis for Boxers Cork Ireland

Sports Hypnosis Cork Ireland with Martin Kiely Hypnosis Centre

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