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Hypnosis for Positive Thinking

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Hypnosis for positive thinking.

Learn how you can improve your body’s immunity and reach your personal best by harnessing the power of your subconscious mind!

Positive thoughts alone have the power to produce certain bio-chemicals within the body, comparable to those you would find in a pharmacy minus the side effects and high cost!

Positive thinkers are not just wasting time thinking up futile thoughts that merely lift their mood. Studies demonstrate that the mind can provide comfort beyond the here and now – it can actually improve our immunity.

Hypnosis for Positive Thinking

In the simplest terms, your mental thoughts generate emotions that stimulate organs that release endorphins and other bio-chemicals that impact your health. The process is natural, free, and effective.

Learning how to think positive can be key to assisting recovery and overall good health. Spend at least 30 minutes per day, three times a week using self-hypnosis techniques and visualizing positive thoughts.

Whether you feel it happening or not, your positive thoughts are releasing healing remedies within your body, in the form of bio-chemicals. Learn to improve your immunity and lead the healthiest life possible by training yourself to think positively, and use self-hypnosis to help support the effort. You will find yourself leading a long, happy life.

People who struggle to relax can easily change by listening to “Profound Mind & Body Relaxation”, a 22-minute self-hypnosis audio.

Hypnosis for Positive Thinking

Stress has been clinically proven to be at the root of over 90% of physical disorders and the cause of most emotional problems. Reducing stress levels increases immune system function, reduces physical problems and creates a positive mindset for a healthier life. Receive the tremendous benefits of reducing stress with your FREE Profound Mind & Body Relaxation MP3 Audio.

Get started. Take a look if you want to win the game of relaxation! If you’re already stressed, what have you got to lose?


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Improve your body’s immunity with hypnosis for positive thinking.

Hypnosis for Positive Thinking
Hypnosis for positive thinking. Learn how you can improve your body’s immunity and reach your personal best by harnessing the power of your subconscious mind!

Hypnosis for positive thinking

Hypnosis for Golfers Ireland/feed/

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Hypnosis for Golfers is an extremely effective means of improving golfing performance.

It can be utilized to enhance motivation and completely concentrate the mind, enabling the individual to stay focused and completely free from all distractions. More and more top competitors are using sports hypnosis techniques taught to them by professional hypnotherapists, and quite a number of these competitors are, or have been World champions.

Sports Hypnotist Martin Kiely has helped golfers with the following:

  • Get the winning edge
  • Enhance your concentration and focus
  • Train and play with greater intensity
  • Build confidence and optimism
  • Remain poised in any competitive situation
  • Replace doubt with positive self-talk
  • Reduce anxiety and stress for peak performance

Get in the zone today. Now you too can get that competitive edge in your golfing performance.

Hypnosis for Golfers | Golf Hypnosis Ireland
Hypnosis for Golfers Ireland is an extremely effective means of improving golfing performance

Try the same cutting-edge hypnosis techniques that many star athletes currently use.

Learn more about hypnosis for golfers

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Sports Hypnosis

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You can reach your personal best by harnessing the power of your subconscious mind!

Hypnosis for Golfers Ireland
Hypnosis for Golfers Ireland

Smoking In Cars With Children Will Be Banned

Smoking in cars with children will be banned in England, under new laws put forward by the government.

Smoking in cars with children. Stop Smoking Hypnosis Drivers Cork Ireland

The regulations laid before Parliament propose banning smoking in cars containing under 18s. A fine of £50 will be issued to people who smoke or who fail to prevent another person smoking.

MPs will vote on the plans before the election – and if they are passed the change in law will come into force on 1 October 2015.

The move comes after a free vote in Parliament in February gave ministers the power to introduce the law, although it did not compel them to.  Dr Hilary Wareing says children exposed to second-hand smoke in cars are more likely to have respiratory infections.

“The only effective way to protect children is to prevent them breathing second-hand smoke and our plans to stop smoking in cars carrying children will help us to do this.”

Why Stop Smoking in cars?

  • Smoke can stay in the air for up to two and a half hours even with a window open.
  • Second-hand smoke contains more than 4,000 chemicals, some of which are known to cause cancer.
  • Exposure has been strongly linked to chest infections, asthma, ear problems and cot death in children.
  • Research indicates 300,000 children in the UK visit a GP each year because of the effects of second-hand smoke, with 9,500 going to hospital.
  • Smoking in a car creates a higher concentration of toxins than in a bar, some research has put it at 11 times higher.
  • Bans on smoking in cars when children are present already exist in some US states, including California, as well as in parts of Canada and Australia.

Stop Smoking Hypnosis Drivers Cork IrelandThe UK Government wants to make it an offence to sell “nicotine inhaling products” to anyone under the age of 18, except where it is used as licensed medicine.

Health minister Jane Ellison said: “Second-hand smoke is a real threat to children’s health and we want them to grow up free from the risks of smoking.

“The only effective way to protect children is to prevent them breathing secondhand smoke and our plans to stop smoking in cars carrying children will help us to do this.”

The World Health Organisation found that second-hand smoke is a “real and substantial threat to child health”, the DoH said.

Health problems have included increased susceptibility to pneumonia and bronchitis, worsening of asthma, decreased lung function, and sudden infant death syndrome, it added.

Stop Smoking Hypnosis Drivers Cork IrelandThe British Lung Foundation estimates that 430,000 children are exposed to second-hand smoke in their family car every week.

Martin Kiely Hypnosis Centre offers Stop Smoking programmes for drivers.  Private individual sessions are available as-well-as corporate programmes.

Martin Kiely is a full-time consulting hypnotist practicing in Cork, Ireland, since 1989. He maintains a highly successful hypnosis practice and  professional hypnotism training centre.

Martin is the first National Guild of Hypnotists Board Certified Hypnotist and Certified Instructor in Ireland.  For hypnotism services in Cork, and Ireland, sometimes it’s better to talk to a real expert and trusted authority in the hypnotism profession. If you would like to discuss our Stop Smoking for drivers programme please contact Martin Kiely Hypnosis Centre today for further information or to discuss your hypnotism service options.

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Children are undergoing hypnosis to cope with stress

Hypnosis to Cope with Exams and Test Stress

Children are undergoing hypnosis to cope with the stress of NAPLAN tests.

Courier Mail News

DESPERATE parents are taking children to hypnotists to wipe out NAPLAN stress.

“Children are making themselves physically ill with worry over these tests and I have found I can make a big difference in bringing peace to their young lives,” said the Gold Coast’s Wayne Donnelly, who calls himself a hypnotist rather than a hypnotherapist.

Would you hypnotise your kids? Tell us here

Using techniques once reserved for stage shows, Mr Donnelly works with children using neuro linguistic programming (NLP).

“At first I thought there may be other underlying fears and didn’t understand that a school test could cause such anxiety,” he said. “But that’s exactly what it has been doing – these children are making themselves physically sick over whether they pass or fail NAPLAN.”

He worked previously as an ­accountant and business coach but reinvented himself after the GFC.

Tanya Targett said her daughter Olivia, 9, started worrying about NAPLAN in Grade 2.

“As soon as we got through the Grade 3 testing, she started stressing about the Grade 5 test. It was constant. This damn thing was constantly on her mind, almost in a sense stealing her childhood and the stress was manifesting physically, with tummy pains and tears – she just didn’t want to go to school,” Ms Targett, 39, said.

Despite her fears, the nine-year-old excelled in the Grade 3 tests.

“We had discussed the test issues with the GP and child psychologist but Olivia kept sinking back into the anxiety. I had heard about hypnotism and was desperate for a solution. It was instant success. From that one $160 session, she transformed back into a happy, healthy child and has not looked back,” she said.

“There was nothing weird about the session and I was there with her. It was not a hypnotic trance but like a very laid-back conversation between them.

“He changed the meaning of NAPLAN in her mind and linked the word to the music from her favourite My Little Pony show. She tells me that is what she hears now every time the dreaded word NAPLAN comes up and there is no bad reaction.”

Brisbane child psychologist Judith Locke believes the pressures on children about NAPLAN tests are causing problems for parents.

Hypnosis-learning-study-skills-training-Cork-Ireland-17“There is a ridiculous pressure put on schools and students about NAPLAN and it has not been at all beneficial. I will say the student who needs hypnotherapy about such a test, I would suspect, has issues to do with worry and anxiety that need to be addressed with the aid of a clinical psychologist using proven treatments and working with the whole family,” she said.


INCREASING numbers of teenage girls are turning up at the Mater Children’s Hospital in Brisbane with depression and anxiety, mirroring a worldwide trend.

Child and adolescent psychiatrist William Bor said studies indicated teenage girls were experiencing significantly higher rates of depression and anxiety this century compared to the latter part of the 1900s.

“More young women are presenting to the Mater Children’s casualty department and that’s increased over five years,” Dr Bor said. “Typically, it’s 14-year-old girls who have experience of depression and … stress.”

While the causes are not clear, he said more stress in schools was a contributing factor.

“At the Mater, the referrals vary depending on the time of the school year. It’s quiet in school holidays,”

Dr Bor said. “It’s worst during the school term, particularly at exam times. Kids are facing more pressure to complete Year 12. There’s limited capacity to get good jobs if they leave school early.”

As Queensland Year 12s prepare to sit the core skills test next month, Dr Bor called for more programs in schools to help instil resilience in students and to educate them about identifying depressive feelings.


Hypnosis to Cope with Exams and Test Stress

Martin Kiely Hypnosis Centre Cork will provide you with professional specialized hypnosis services to help you improve your learning skills to maximize your study time. Martin will teach you simple, effective and easy to use self-hypnosis exercises that many clients have successfully used to take back control over this area of their life.

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