How Can I Let Go of My Need For Perfection?

Are you a perfectionist or an over-achiever? The difference may surprise you. Over-achievers aim high and hit their mark. They succeed because they are motivated to do their best in everything. Perfectionists want to achieve, but fear of failure stops them. It paralyzes them and diminishes their self-esteem. Does this sound like you? There is nothing wrong with aiming for perfection; however, it can hold you back more than you realize. It’s possible to let go of your need for perfectionism and see yourself in the achiever category.

How You Can Kiss Perfectionism Goodbye 

Stop letting your need for perfection hamper your happiness and reach your goals. Here are some tips to get you started:  😮

1. Admit You Are a Perfectionist: Pay attention to your thoughts and tendencies. Look for patterns that indicate your perfectionistic ways. Consider the self-talk you use. Starting here gives you an edge on overcoming your preferences.

2. Look for the Positives: It is easy to fixate on the negatives when nothing is perfect. It won’t be easy to focus on positive self-talk, but it will take you miles down the path to your goals.

3. Remember that You Will Make Mistakes: Allow yourself to make mistakes. You will learn much. Mistakes are opportunities to learn and grow as a person. Enjoy the process and accept that mistakes are part of it.

4. Reconsider Your Goals: You probably set your goals too high, using impossible standards. Reduce your stress and increase your chance of success by setting realistic goals. In essence, you set yourself up for failure.

5. Learn How to Receive Feedback: Perfectionists generally don’t like to receive feedback because they suffer from low self-esteem. You learn to do better when receiving constructive feedback and not taking it personally.

6. Lower Your Standards: You don’t need to go to the far extreme and have no standards. But it’s helpful to reduce the pressure on yourself by lowering your expectations a tad.

7. Stop Procrastinating: As a perfectionist, you are probably a procrastinator. Instead of giving yourself an excuse to slack off and stress yourself more, learn to work ahead and be proactive. It will provide you with more time to complete tasks to the best standards possible.

It’s okay to give yourself full permission to no longer be perfect. Letting go of your perfectionism reduces your stress and opens up your ability to grow and learn new things to achieve your dreams. You will thank yourself later.

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